Targeting Revenue Growth

Can Encourage Short-Termism

The five key pitfalls midmarket geo dispersed businesses fall into when attempting to digitally transform - do you identify with them?


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Today, the biggest challenge most midmarket businesses face is speed of execution and cost. Although many midmarket businesses have found a way of coordinating spending across their various business units, revenue growth is still their primary objective above all else. IT and ITS departments acknowledge that there is a crippling focus on immediate profit rather than longer term gains which is a key concern for many departments. It’s clear that moving from manual to digital processes creates revenue growth as well as significant savings. It unshackles previously tied up resources over time, however; senior IT management find it difficult to prove this and keep finance and operations on side.

Lack of market knowledge is another challenge faced by many midmarket businesses. Viadex are open and transparent in all business operations, the breadth of our experience and shared market knowledge is suited to plugging this gap. Problematic legacy contracts and supplier relationships as well as lack of commercial leverage over suppliers are all problems many midmarket businesses face. Viadex offers consulting services that enable us to evaluate your existing legacy products, services and relationships. We also know how to buy and deliver services and products, something we can do on your behalf to alleviate time and resource pressures to help you maintain momentum on digital transformation (DX).


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    IDC conducted a survey of 120 executives from IT, finance, operations, IT, and cybersecurity at organizations with 500 to 10,000 employees headquartered in the U.K. with multiple offices across the globe. This was backed up by additional in-depth interviews with executives across the four roles to gather additional insights and real-life experiences.

    The goal was to understand the strategic and business priorities and objectives of the global midmarket, across different functions, and how technology is used to achieve these objectives, and to understand their IT pain points and how centralization and third-party management service providers can help.


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