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Ensuring continuous improvement
in your operations, efficiencies, productivity, and costs.

Simplify • Strengthen • Transform

The three pillars of the modern enterprise are the same three areas in which we deliver focussed consultancy to help you deliver optimum performance. As well as optimising performance, we reduce TCO by consolidating, rationalising, virtualising and where appropriate, mobilising your infrastructure.


Datacentre - the heart of your digital infrastructure, driving your business forward

We can help you gain a greater understanding not only of how your IT infrastructure is configured, but what changes – sometimes no greater than ‘fine-tuning’ – can be made to achieve significantly enhanced performance.

Call on us to help accelerate processes and efficiencies to more rapidly achieve your business goals. We advise on complete infrastructure transformation through to individual project-based and essential tasks.


End User Workspace - connecting your employees to improve collaboration, productivity  & efficiency

We can help you take full advantage of your entire productivity and collaboration suite with a completely cloud-delivered service for email, file storage, conferencing, messaging and many other essential tasks.

We help you plan the most effective route to new cloud efficiencies, transforming how you support your digital workforce.


Security - protecting your sensitive data & assets

We provide you with the evidence you need to demonstrate that everything that can be done to avoid the damage of data breaches and cyber-attacks, is being done. You can show that your organisation is prepared for any eventuality. You can state the strongest protection is in place, alongside the most reliable procedures for data recovery, should other disasters affect your operations.

We provide higher levels of reassurance and confidence to your stakeholders and your employees that your data is protected, your systems are continuously monitored, and experts are on hand whenever the need arises to swiftly resolve issues, before they become major problems.

Our key security capabilities & deliverables:

  • IT Security Gap Analysis
  • Best practice guideline per the SANS top 20
  • Compliance in GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 & Personal Information
  • Measure Kill Chain & Insider Threat Resilience

Our approach to accelerating IT & business transformation

Significantly improve your competitive advantage and ensure the best return on your investment.


Technology serves the business. To make sure your technology choices will deliver immediate and sustainable business benefits, we audit your current capabilities against their ability to deliver  your business goals. Then we fill in the gaps.

The output is a clearly documented current mode of operation (CMO) to inform and support the design phase.


Our holistic approach to design addresses all stakeholder objectives in the form of a detailed future mode of operation (FMO), identifying best-in-class solutions. It looks closely at integration requirements, user expectations, business needs, and competitive superiority. It is not about topology and a statement of works; it is about significantly improving your competitive advantage.

Our design will underpin our philosophy, that IT performance equals business performance.


Every deployment follows a rigorous time-proven delivery methodology.

Our breadth of experience in both varied and repeatable projects has refined our expertise in deploying successful solutions.

Delivery on time, in budget, within scope.


Business drivers can change rapidly, IT must adapt.

We offer continued engagement after the initial deployment to optimise and fine-tune your solution to ensure the best return on investment and user experience.

Optimisation is often neglected but for us it's standard practice. It's our commitment to your success.

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