Optimise the Effectiveness of your Security Controls

with Breach & Attack Simulations

Our multi-vector attack simulation analyses all areas of your organisation including web apps, email, phishing, and endpoints, so no threats slip through the cracks

A fast, simple way to understand and protect your business against the key vectors of today’s most common cyber-crimes.

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War against cyber attacks

Testing the cyber-security posture of an organisation or its cyber-security resilience to cyber-attacks, has come a long way. The demand for the latest and most comprehensive testing solutions keeps growing to face the ever-evolving cyber-crime wave. Until recently, the common security testing tools in the cyber-security professional’s arsenal consisted of vulnerability scanners and manual penetration testing. Evaluating each security control separately was extremely time-consuming and inefficient. But that changed when Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) Technology became available.

The Full Kill-Chain APT simulation module provides a sweeping overview of potential exposures across The Full Kill-Chain APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) simulation module provides a sweeping , challenging security controls spanning the Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Endpoint Security and Lateral Movement vectors.

With Viadex you will gain a convenient single-pane view of how your security controls perform against a true-to-life APT simulation with a step-by-step breakdown of each phase of the attack.

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Complete Attack Vector Coverage


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With Viadex’s global cyber security capabilities, organisations can continuously test against cyber crime to mitigate cyber attacks globally.