Desktop refresh: anywhere, any time

We delivered the complete hardware config for a client in Asia. Best deal terms, global logistics right to the customer’s door, and system upgrades. Take the trip here…

Global Logistics
Design, source, deploy and manage

One of the more than 1,000 global IT projects we handle every year; financial, technical, and commercial all taken care of around the world. Explore faraway lands here…

Multiple Datacentre Delivery
Shrinking the world, slashing the timelines

Multiple datacenter solution to multiple lands; from config to plug-and-play ready in just 8 weeks. Discover the art of the possible here…

Vivo Energy: Fuelling Africa’s Future with Western Digital

Find out how Viadex supported Vivo energy’s IT team throughout their new ventures.

Viadex sources, configures, and delivers IT solution and equipment for new datacentre set-up in Taiwan

Find out how Viadex accepts no delays in global projects and enables any organisation, anywhere, to achieve its goals within its timeframes.

Mansion selects Viadex as odds-on winner for IT supplies

Find out why a leading online gaming entertainment company turned to Viadex to guide them through their systems and equipment upgrade journey.

Viadex & Navisite, Infrastructure as a Service

Viadex & Navisite, Infrastructure as a Service

See how Viadex and NaviSite work together to create an agile infrastructure in a way that adapts and fits each client’s needs.

Case Study - Viadex and Navisite - 14th August 2017

Move to Cloud generates great result for agency

Find out how Viadex helped an award-winning sports & entertainment agency to consolidate and simplify its IT architecture as it relocated to new offices.

Swift Dynamic Data Centre Implementation

Find out how Viadex helped the world’s largest gaming software provider to refresh its datacentre quickly, due to a sudden change in legislation.

Rapid Disaster Recovery following an explosion

Find out how Viadex sourced, configured, tested and delivered servers and PCs within 48 hours for a leading availability services company following extensive blast damage to its HQ.

Efficient information retrieval for research

Find out why a research organisation providing unique government funded services to the scientific community turned to Viadex to meet increased demand and future proof its IT.

Global IT Supply Chain

We handle manufacturer evaluation and selection, commercial negotiations and global support to make sure your IT solutions meet your business requirements and support growth.

Consulting &
Professional Services

We help transform your infrastructure to directly support your business productivity goals and enhance end-user experience.

Managed Services

We provide 24x7x365 technical expertise, service consistency and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies and geographies.

Viadex Security

We provide tailor-made, cost-effective managed services to address every aspect of your security framework. We work around the clock – ensuring your strategy is in line with industry best practise and your environment remains up-to-date.

End User Workspace

Our integrated services revolve around your end users, making it possible to combine an enriched user experience while driving collaboration and building productivity.