Global IT Supply Chain

More than 1,000 global projects completed annually.

Viadex Global IT Supply Chain services provide compliance with all applicable export, import, and trade compliance laws in every country your project covers; wherever you have a presence we can field the expertise to help you deliver your IT services and platforms successfully every time.

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Viadex help standardise your IT across geo-dispersed locations to enable you to drive an agile global business.

Our team is passionate about exceeding project delivery SLAs. We are passionate about protecting your interests through a safe and secure global IT supply chain.

For mid-sized UK-based companies looking to deploy consistent, standardised IT across geographically dispersed locations, the challenges are often insurmountable unless you have specialist help.

Global IT sourcing

Compliant • Secure • Consolidated

Differences between country regulations, trading laws, import/export regulations, and shipping requirements, plus vendors’ rules, support policies and protocols, can quickly overwhelm and add costly delays to global projects and inefficiencies to managing a dispersed workforce or datacentre infrastructure.

Compliance risk intensifies as your organisation grows in new and existing regions. Viadex advise and deliver on procedures and processes around the world to help our customers achieve their business goals without getting sidetracked, delayed or adding unnecessary transactional costs and complications due to complex logistics and local regulations outside their core areas of expertise.

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Viadex speak the language of technology in more than 190 countries

More than 1,000 global projects completed annually*

(*Viadex global IT supply chain projects 2017)

We make it all seamless, with a wide network of best-in-breed technology vendors, offices in Cape Town, Dubai, San Francisco, Singapore, and London. In addition, we have established partnerships and customers in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the USA. Using this experience and network of expertise, we help you simplify complexity, reduce costs and add tremendous value to your organisation.

To give you complete peace of mind, we hold the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Standard Certification. This affirms our ability to consistently deliver an effective quality management system and drive continuous improvements to our services and internal processes. This internationally recognised certification is a true testament to our dedication to adhere to the highest levels of quality management and customer satisfaction.

End-to-end service

We are proud to deliver consistent levels of service around the globe, from audit and design stages, through to deployment and optimisation. Our technical and logistics expertise transforms a complex journey into a smooth operation. We work with you to consolidate your IT solutions and navigate the complex world of global IT supply chain. Including:

  • the bureaucracy involved in custom environments
  • the increasing security threats across international supply chains and
  • the excruciating details to address in ensuring compliance.

Technical Services

Viadex drive your digital transformation.

We collaborate with multiple vendors in design workshops to present the absolute optimum solution for your business, validated through proofs of concept. Our accredited engineers customise your ready-to-deploy solutions at our Integration Centre, for shipping directly to your site, wherever in the world it may be.

Commercial Services

Viadex see the bigger picture to give you the strategic advantage.

From project inception through to global delivery, our dedicated team of procurement experts
brings a deep understanding of regional and in-country complexities, accelerating your project. We’ll reduce your workload and risk whilst delivering value – enabling your team to focus less on tactics and more on strategic initiatives.

Operational Services

Viadex secure your global growth.

We work to stringent SLAs to de-risk your project, ensuring compliance and protecting your commercial interests, your property, your data, and your business. Through our operational hubs in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the USA, our local teams offer unparalleled knowledge on all aspects of the IT services and infrastructure, local customs , taxes and import compliance within each market.

Delivering certainty in an uncertain world.

Ensuring compliant, secure, on time & on budget execution

Our clients don’t want to run large admin teams managing procurement and logistics, especially in a field as complex and strategically important as IT services, software and IT Infrastructure. As geo-dispersed organisations, our clients don’t want multiple suppliers of goods and services in each location, as this increases Opex costs, security and compliance risks. Our clients want a partner who understands the technical, commercial and operational details of the global IT landscape.

Global IT Supply Chain for your geo-dispersed business

The more global your business, the greater the risks in your supply chain. A complex supply chain equates to increased risk and inefficiency. The more partners, vendors and projects you have across multiple countries, regions, and borders the greater the risks in key areas such as compliance, cyber security and fraud.

We offer a robust end-to-end solution ensuring IT services and products are delivered to your users seamlessly. We enable you to stay ahead of an ever-changing environment that prevents challenges of unfamiliar customs and compliance rules and regulations.

Simplifying the delivery and management of your IT

We see the world as a single market place. Our services are tailored to bring that reality to our clients in an everchanging complex, geo-dispersed environment. We take care of all aspects of import and export compliance, keeping your organisation safe and secure at all times.

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