Dino Cooper


Dino co-founded Viadex in 2001 with Elliot. As CEO Dino drives our company strategy and oversees Viadex Group international expansion, in new and existing territories. Dino is a people person, strategist and problem solver, who rarely takes “no” or “it can’t be done” for an answer; making this approach part of the Viadex DNA.

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Dan Hayden-Hammond

Managing Director

Dan offers a deep understanding of the global business and technology challenges that geo-dispersed companies face and is passionate about delivering outstanding service and value to our customers. He brings a contagious level of 100% commitment to customer success to our working culture.

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Pascale Bull


Pascale is responsible for our business systems, operations and project management; consolidating and ensuring financial stability as a platform for our rapid growth and reassurance for our customers that Viadex is here for the long haul. Along with other board members, Pascale was part of the Viadex founding team in 2001.

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Manda Doveton

Talent Director

Manda is dedicated to building and nurturing a winning team at Viadex. By creating an adaptive, fast-moving, sharing and collaborative environment, she’s making sure we attract the best people in the business.

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Brian Dunleavy

Vendor Alliances Director

Brian represents Viadex in all our vendor and supplier relationships, working closely with our partners to add value for customers that differentiates our services and drives business for all parties.

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Dominic English

CO Founder / Director

Dom was part of the Viadex founding team in 2001, along with other board members. He has an extensive background in building long term customer relationships and accompanying organisations of their transformation journeys. He’s a true IT professional with 20 years’ experience.

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Tommy Kolega


Tommy has a three-way focus within the business – overseeing our offerings to customers, driving our own digital transformation, and heading up our APAC business from his base in Singapore.

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Gerhard Malan

Finance Director

Gerhard joined the Viadex board in April 2018. He brings extensive knowledge of operational finance, corporate governance and strategic business modelling to the team and will be a guiding force in the next phase of our global growth. Gerhard is more than a numbers person; he is a creative strategic thinker who brings another dimension to the business.

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Damon Osborne

Sales Operations Director

Damon was part of the Viadex founding team in 2001 and today heads up Viadex sales operations. Passionate about customer service, Damon has many close contacts, and indeed friends, in the vendor community; he works closely with vendors to ensure the very best deal and optimum value for our customers.

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Elliot Read

CO Founder / Director

Elliot co-founded Viadex in 2001 with Dino. Elliot’s credo is that relationships are the foundation of successful business. He commits to the long term with every customer he works with and dedicates his talents, and over 25 years’ experience, to helping customers make meaningful progress.

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Adrian Kingsford


For over 20 years Adrian has been architecting, designing, implementing and evolving leading technology solutions for a range of sectors that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the modern industry and commercial landscape.

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