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The only GCHQ-certified training tool of its kind

Viadex are proud to offer CybSafe, the only GCHQ-certified training tool of its kind. Risks posed by cyber-threat and cyber-crime continue to increase. But with CybSafe, 91% of users no longer exhibit high risk phishing behaviour.

CybSafe's intelligent platform harnesses collective lessons across the cyber-security community in a low cost per-user subscription to help businesses of all sizes to improve social awareness and behaviours related to cyber-security, this reduces the risks both internally and within their supply chain.

Making your people your ultimate defence significantly reduces the risk to your business while providing behavioural and financial returns on your investment. By ensuring that your employees are secure you mitigate the risk of data breaches that cause crippling financial penalties from regulators and authorities. Demonstrably secure people with GCHQ certified training will highlight your businesses commitment to security for your company and your customers which positively influences new business negotiations.

The 5 steps to your GCHQ certification

Step 1: Improving awareness

Step 2: Changing behaviour

Step 3: Building a culture of security

Step 4: Making changes permanent

Step 5: Analytics and reporting


Information Security training has been for too long nothing more than a mandatory tick box exercise. CybSafe has allowed us to see and understand various aspects of our human cyber risk profile that we simply wouldn't get from training and phishing. Reporting on the Educational, Behavioural and Cultural means we can clearly identify any changes in security behaviour and respond accordingly. Most importantly, my people love it and use the lessons both in their business and personal lives.


Steven Pendleton

Chief Information Security Officer


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The ICO have reported that 4 of the 5 leading causes of cyber-crime involve human errors

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