Delivering value: Pure and Simple


We are your advocate when procuring technology. We operate transparently; uncovering and demonstrating value to you throughout the engagement process. We bring our global industry knowledge to your side of the negotiating table.

We right-size our engagements. We recognise that your IT spend, and the decisions you make, are critical to your business. That's why we're committed to guiding and advising you, not selling to you. Every Viadex client has a direct relationship with one of our executive team, all of whom have over 20 years' experience serving organisations with similar challenges.


Because we are a boutique, we know who our clients are and they know the value we provide, as an extension to their Technology, Commercial, and Operational teams.

The Viadex Way

For over 20 years, our leadership team has been supporting midmarket geo-dispersed businesses -UK or US headquartered, with 350 to 3500 users. We've grown with them, alongside them, and because of them.

We've succeeded together because we understand the complexities a multinational business faces as it expands, innovates, and evolves.

We focus on your goals: We know how difficult it can be - when technology is not your core business focus, but rather an enabler in pursuing it - to identify the right tools your users need, at the right time, and to bring them smoothly into the business. The hurdles of global logistics and multiple vendors present challenges in their own right. Complexities mount up as you find yourself dealing with high-pressure selling organisations often chasing their own goals, rather than seeking to help you achieve yours.


We demonstrate value: The Viadex way is not about selling to you; it's about partnering with you. It's about mutual respect and earning trust, based on our being a reliable strategic advisor. The Viadex way is to demonstrate the value of our business across smarter procurement, intelligent technology choices, and experienced ongoing support for your systems and your people.
Dino Cooper, CEO

Dino, our CEO, brings 25 years of commercial and operational experience to the mix: “You can buy IT products and services from many sales organisations, but our approach and our focus are key differentiators bringing true advantage to our clients. Our skills have been built to serve companies too big for most MSPs but too small for the large outsourcing organisations, I spend 80% of my time with clients advising on global projects and saving them money in procurement consulting engagements”. See Dino’s bio.

Dan Hayden-Hammond, MD

Dan, our MD, is committed to delivering a personal service to every client: “We offer a ‘boutique’ service, where everything we do, from procurement to global logistics and managed services, is sculpted to what a client’s business needs; advising, researching and only ever recommending approaches we know will help people achieve what they want to or, in some cases, what they might never have imagined they could do.” See Dan’s bio.


Databricks is a leading Data + AI company and are rapidly expanding bringing new entities and locations online all the time. Viadex have supported us with this global growth and have been able to cater for all the technology needed to set up our sites. Their team of specialists have allowed us to focus on our business while they take care of the technical, commercial and operational requirements to ensure we stay ahead of the game!

Other suppliers we have used in the past have not been anywhere near the standard of Viadex and we have often been left “high and dry”. Working with Viadex is always a pleasure, the proactive communication provided is greatly appreciated as well as the friendly voice at the end of the phone when we need urgent assistance. Even through the pandemic, nothing has changed and even when things do go wrong, there have always been some options put forward to keep the projects on track.


Rob Brown
Senior IT Corporate Engineer

How we help you optimise value from your IT

Believe in success

We are a Business Service Provider. Our executive-level engagement delivers an informed view of how to optimise your assets, and serve your dispersed locations and users. We'll ensure robust security across your entire infrastructure, or consolidate your procurement to buy better to go farther. We've saved millions for our customers. We'll make your investment work harder for you. Find out more about our Procurement Consulting as a Service.

The Viadex value process:



Gain a holistic overview in consultation with your Finance, Licensing and Technical teams to ensure goals, timing, residual licensing, existing contracts and future growth are all aligned.



We audit your use cases to ensure the best fit between current and future mode of operation, pinpointing the best way to drive value for your business.

Based on the outcomes, we evaluate the merits of both incumbent and potential providers of the services/technology under review.



We enter into negotiations on your behalf with a thorough understanding of vendor goals, pressures, methodologies, negotiating, tactics and flexibility.



In any negotiation, Viadex pay heed to vendor goals as well as our customers': this approach creates empathy, understanding, and mutuality.

In advising best courses of action we also assess current market intelligence, to gain a full appreciation of all your options.

Secure and protect the value

Any solution, any move forward, any addition to your IT infrastructure brings the possibility of fresh risk. We know that the cyber-security threat never goes away. That's why we encourage all our customers to undertake the Viadex cyber-risk assessment, to protect assets, data, people, and reputation.

We'll give you a complete understanding of vulnerabilities, and recommendations on how to fix them.

The Viadex Way will make a difference. It's our belief and our promise.


Accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs, improve security, and optimise value across all your IT investments, the Viadex Way.