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24x7x365 protection for your global users, data, applications and systems.

Plan • Prevent • Eliminate

Every type and size of business needs protection against the many threats facing the enterprise; including malware, ransomware and spyware. Our CSOC is a 24/7/365 operation, geared to detect, analyse, respond to, report on and prevent cyber security incidents.

By planning for, preventing and eliminating cyber threats, Viadex Cyber Security protects your information and intellectual property.

We provide protection across the entire attack continuum

SANS Institute is a cooperative security research and education organisation. SANS 20 Critical Security Controls approach has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, state governments, universities, and numerous private firms. Viadex Security uses this prioritised, risk-based approach to security as a framework to ensure we block known attacks and mitigate damage from successful attacks for your organisation.

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World-class IT & access to over 160 security specialists

Are you under attack?

Hackers are not to be underestimated. Their attack methodologies are sophisticated and persistent. Innovation in technology is not exclusive to the good guys. Your systems are very probably subject to intrusion even as you read this. There’s a strong possibility you don’t even know it.

Are you under-protected?

To outwit these threats, the you have to be similarly persistent in deploying the latest measures and technologies at every point in the infrastructure and network where a threat may arise; from the edge to the core.

Are you supported?

Outsiders can stay in your systems for months without being detected. That’s our job; to seek, to patrol, to find, and to analyse. It’s our mission to protect your systems and your data; as if they were our own.

Why choose Viadex Cyber Security?

Viadex Cyber Security has strategic partnerships with leading security technology vendors and the expertise and experience to implement, manage and monitor the solutions they offer. We are passionate about assisting organisations to realise the full potential of each technology deployed.

This powerful combination offers a holistic approach to help you create an effective information security strategy. We take into account people, processes and technology, to provide a road map to mitigate risk and realistically address your overall security requirement.

Viadex Managed Security Services mitigate risk, reduce costs & deliver robust protection:

Complex workloads

With a continuously evolving threat landscape and technologies provided by a variety of vendors – each with a different security approach – security management requires a variety of highly specialised and skilled resources.

Constant vigilance

Is your security team available 24x7x365? Do they analyse processes and procedures continuously and are they able to respond to threats immediately? These are all areas in which Viadex Managed Security services can help.

Dedicated staff

Your organisation may have all the technology required to prevent threats – however the question is, do you have specialised, experienced security professionals managing every aspect of your security architecture?

Support you can count on, every minute of every day

The Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

Viadex Security has perfected the art of responding to threats working with a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies and cyber intelligence reporting.

Global IT
Global IT Service Desk

Our staff are ITIL accredited and implement ITIL guiding principles and practices for all incidents, problem and change management processes.

Always ready for the next incident

All incidents submitted via our Support Desk are instantly logged with an automated response sent at the time of logging. Out of hours tickets are logged via out of hours service which then alert an appropriately skilled technical resource who will respond and be actively engaged in resolution within the agreed SLA (typically 1 hour).

Clear escalation paths and policies exist to ensure agreed SLAs are adhered to.

Cyber Security Assessment
Cyber Security Assessment and Cyber Insurance
See how our assessment and Cyber Insurance can help.
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