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Businesses in the UK are risking their own survival by unwittingly remaining underinsured.

Does your business have the right insurance to protect against cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes?

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Underinsurance: refers to inadequate insurance coverage held by a policyholder. In the event of a claim, underinsurance results in economic losses, since the claim exceeds the maximum amount that can be paid out by the insurance policy.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are fighting the war against cyber attackers. Cyber insurance is rapidly becoming a standard requirement and finding an acceptable premium is expensive and complicated. Cyber-attacks are more sophisticated, which makes it harder to detect and mitigate them. This is why cyber-insurance is increasingly adopted by organisations however; underwriters are providing premiums based on insufficient data.

A real-time view on the posture of your organisations security provides an ongoing understanding of the risks associated, this can improve your cyber insurance premiums and prevent underinsurance when a breach or attack takes place.

Viadex operates globally as a trusted supply chain partner to many globally dispersed businesses, our customers tell us that the current methods such as vulnerability scans and penetration testing are time consuming, expensive and becoming antiquated.

The Solution

The optimal way for an organisation to test its resilience against the growing cyber-crime wave is to adopt targeted attack simulations that cover multiple vectors. These simulations are known as Breach & Attack Simulations (BAS). Viadex’s preferred partner for Breach & Attack Simulations is Cymulate. Following Gartner’s recognition of Cymulate as a Cool Vendor in 2018, they have now mentioned Cymulate and included Breach & Attack Simulation technologies as one of the top solutions for CISOs to consider in their latest report – How to Respond to the 2019 Threat Landscape.

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology is making the difference by providing an ongoing understanding of the cyber security posture of your business, and providing confidence in the success of insurance claims should your business experience a cyber security breach or attack.

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With our cyber-security capabilities, organisations can continuously test and mitigate against cyber-attacks globally.

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