Our pledge to you during Covid-19 disruptions

Covid-19 Update


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Dear Client,

In light of the situation we are experiencing, I would like to reassure you of our continued ability to provide service to you, despite the current status of the Covid-19 outbreak.

As a leadership team, we have been stress-testing our business continuity process and as part of this, we have proactively initiated our remote working ability over the past week and in the event that some or even all of our team members need to work from home, we are confident that you will be able to contact any of our team members as easily as you would normally do so. Equally, we are confident in our capability to operate all our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels.

It is also worth stating that the majority of our staff are based across our offices in South Africa and the UK and therefore we have a ‘geographic break’ in terms of continental cover for all areas of our business.

In particular:

  • We are constantly monitoring all guidelines and recommendations from Public Health England to allow us to stay as well informed as we can for the general wellbeing of our staff.
  • Our business continuity plans are up to date and revisited on a daily basis.
  • We are monitoring all relevant trade routes throughout the day to ensure we are aware of any changes and will keep you updated of any circumstances that may delay any shipment or in any other way compromise delivery.
  • Our team members are committed to behaving safely and considerately by looking after themselves and others when it comes to public health guidelines. They are assured that they will be not compromised should they need to stay at home for periods of time or worse, become ill.
  • We recommend that we limit face-to-face meetings, which will include meetings with our clients. If you have a meeting planned with any of us, we will be in touch to establish if you are happy to conduct that meeting via virtual conferencing facilities.

Please be assured of our determination to limit the effects of any disruption to ‘work as usual’. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or any of the leadership team listed below.

Yours sincerely



Dino Cooper (CEO) – dino.cooper@viadex.com

Adrian Kingsford (CTO) – Adrian.kingsford@viadex.com

Manda Doveton (Talent Director) – Manda.doveton@viadex.com

Brian Dunleavy (Commercial Director) – Brian.dunleavy@viadex.com

Gerhard Malan (Finance Director) – Gerhard.malan@viadex.com

Steve Pearson (Vice President, Global Partner Services) – Steve.pearson@viadex.com