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Within our essential IDC research paper, Viadex found that Digital transformation is at the forefront of many midmarket business’s objectives but is often interpreted as a process that can be implemented internally.


Risk and Compliance is the horizontal across any vertical, it covers security, procurement, delivery, maintenance and everything in between. The types of organisations we deal with have the same fundamental challenges. From what we understand they don’t know how to address them from a single or with as few as possible suppliers within the channel to achieve their goals without risk and wastage. They either manage efforts in isolation or in-country because they don’t have a global IT solutions partner that can fulfil their needs. This forces a distributed and costly service model.

“Elements and Risks associated with cyber-crime – You think you are safe until you validate your supply chain.”

Viadex challenges and unpicks the decision-making process to then consider Viadex to be a UK based head office which can deliver bespoke IT deployment, procurement and ongoing managed services on a global scale like no other global IT solutions partner can. This challenge shapes our portfolio of clients and outlines the global solutions that Viadex are best placed to deliver to our customers to achieve their global ambitions in a stress free, fully managed or collaborative service model – We take the pain away.


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IDC conducted a survey of 120 executives from finance, operations, IT, and cybersecurity at organizations with 500 to 10,000 employees headquartered in the U.K. with multiple offices across the globe. This was backed up by additional in-depth interviews with executives across the four roles to gather additional insights and real-life experiences.

The goal was to understand the strategic and business priorities and objectives of the global midmarket, across different functions, and how technology is used to achieve these objectives, and to understand their IT pain points and how centralization and third-party management service providers can help.


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Our experiences over the past 20 years helped us to realise that something is not quite right. The vendors, the suppliers, it’s all become fragmented and become almost a war behind the customers back. The customer is often not considered when vendors are fighting in each region. This causes knee jerk cost fluctuations which are likely made up in other areas at the expense of the end user and their IT solutions partner.

We aim to simplify the complexity of global IT because we know that this is a problem and we are leading the charge in solving this for our customers. Any partner can provide IT hardware but how is it validated? The compliance, the associated risks and security, how are these considered to give the end user a peace of mind, end to end journey? We are not just global industry experts – We have wisdom – That’s why we are different. That’s why we keep our customers front of mind.

Dino Cooper

Dino Cooper, CEO

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