Having recently sponsored Jolyon Palmer at the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona Team Viadex had an opportunity to witness first-hand how technology is used to gain competitive advantage on race day within F1.

It’s incredible the amount of compute being utilised on race day to gain miniscule and yet significant performance advantages.

In a sport where UK engineering, design and technology lead the way, the teams and their suppliers are using High Performance Computing and Flash storage during the race and year round in testing. Modelling that was once done in wind tunnels and on test tracks exclusively, is now run by compute and storage, both in real time at events as well as behind the scenes between events, and in the off season. The benefits the right tech stack brings are very clear in this environment, reports and analysis of masses of data taking place in seconds and minutes, not days and hours, the reduction of expensive on track testing allowing F1 teams to meet the ever increasing budget constraints. Technology has also moved on making it compact and efficient enough to be far more readily portable than systems even as short as 3 years ago. This is essential for the travelling circus that is F1, with over 21 global destinations.

Whilst the increase in technology has helped to resolve some of the issues from the FIA imposed budget cuts, it has increased problems elsewhere, including the logistical challenge of how to move large amounts of IT infrastructure around the world to analyse all of the track day data, in real-time.

Viadex is well placed to deal and assist with both of these challenges, we have large in-house technical capabilities on HPC and flash storage, backed up by 15 years of experience of deploying and supporting advanced technology solutions around the world for some of the leading gambling and life science companies. We see that there are lots of similarities between the F1 teams and the Gambling and life science providers we have historically dealt with, so it was an easy decision for Viadex to become involved with F1.

When the opportunity arose for us to sponsor one of the most promising young British drivers, we jumped at the chance to be involved with Jolyon Palmer. Jolyon has risen to the top and met every challenge put in front of him over the years, so being able to be involved with such a talent was an opportunity to not be missed.


We are delighted with the opportunity to sponsor Jolyon, F1 is global and high tech and that’s what we do.

Here at Viadex, we are a growing business that has been focussed on helping companies compete at the leading edge of their industry, be it local or international. We have 15 years of experience of delivering solutions globally and helping keep our customers at the front of the grid – just like the best F1 teams and drivers.

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