Current trade route updates

Whilst the UK is now going through a staged exit from lockdown restrictions, there are still limited passenger flights compared to pre-Covid times as a result of limitations on travel still being in place. We anticipate this to improve over the coming months however local restrictions in destinations countries as result of outbreaks of the virus will dictate when and where this will occur, India is currently the most affected regular route for Viadex, both on importing of shipments from outside the country and local delivery.

We are now nearly four months into trading on the EU-UK TCA rules. After some initial challenges, we are now experiencing a much clearer process on import/exports between the two trading entities compared to earlier this year. Lead time for shipments is now quoted on a per country basis as different countries have different customs clearance times however a general rule we are experiencing 2-5 days depending on the service level of the shipment.

Below is a breakdown of our project deployment destinations over the last 12 months.

Global Project Deployments Over The Last 12 Months


No of Project Deployments







The above figures were last updated on: Monday 22nd May 2023