Exciting news – Viadex opens two new offices in Europe

New Viadex locations in Europe

As we continue to expand and improve our global services to clients with European footprints, Viadex is proud to announce that we have added 2 new hubs to our global presence in the Netherlands and Gibraltar. We are pleased to confirm that we have successfully implemented the necessary processes and compliance requirements to obtain the relevant export and import licences to service our clients.

Viadex fully appreciates the complexity associated with procuring and shipping IT hardware, particularly in these uncertain Brexit times. As such, these new offices will add further flexibility for IT logistics, procurement and warehouse capabilities.

The upshot of all this is that we now have fully functioning entities in both hubs, with in country capabilities mapped against our client’s requirements. There will of course be additional benefits from entities in those territories moving forward, whether they are improved access to human capital, or for strategic business reasons in certain vertical markets we serve. What’s true is that we are constantly evolving, in order to better serve our clients and partners, the times they truly are a changing.

Dino Cooper – Group CEO Viadex