Device as a Service (DaaS)

Device as a Service (DaaS) includes the complete supply and management of the end user device fleet including; Management services [procurement, configuration, asset management, 24 hour device swap SLA], global logistics + IT equipment [hardware] — laptop, desktop & handhelds with peripheral products [privacy screens, mice, keyboards, monitors] – all covered in a monthly subscription.

DaaS Business Outcomes

DaaS Business Outcomes enables organisations to deliver seamless device deployment, reducing downtime, reducing the burden of managing and constantly refreshing the device fleet, reducing the overhead and risk of aging devices in the field, increasing user productivity, helping the business meet sustainability goals and reducing cyber risk.

We deploy from sourcing to secure recycling with a monthly subscription cost that includes complete global logistics, device support (inc next business day swap), asset and lifecycle management. Devices are deployed ready for zero-touch application installation.

Our global end to end capability means sourcing to secure recycling. We achieve the best commercial terms for devices on a subscription model and remove the onerous tasks IT teams generally face supporting failures. The circular economy approach gives the device a new life without leaving your organisation at risk of data being left exposed.

It is onerous to manage locally, it is a resource drain to manage globally where time can be better spent on more critical technology initiatives.

The Right DaaS Solution

The Right DaaS Solution ensures global organisations strive to have the right device with the right user at the right time in any geo dispersed location with maximum uptime. This is fundamental to enabling optimum productivity in the workforce. It is very challenging. IT departments are not usually experts in global logistics, lack the asset management tools & time required to effectively manage and hardware support creates a huge additional overhead.

Downtime, when calculating the loss in productivity, the resources to support, the cost of replacements is much higher than most businesses believe.

Often, we hear of the disconnect from HR to User through the joiner/leaver process resulting in a poor user experience and unrecovered devices. With devices dispersed globally, risk is created in the absence of a well managed process for recovery of devices from leavers & those devices at the end of their life. Data cannot be left at large.

Device as a Service

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