Make your people your ultimate defence

The world's first truly intelligent cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture solution that demonstrably reduces human cyber risk.


The live webinar will take no longer than one hour. Upon submission of the registration form you will receive a link and calendar invitation.

for the Live Webinar

Thursday 28th May 2020
10:00am - 11:00am (GMT)



In the CybSafe live webinar you will learn:

How CybSafe increases cyber security and demonstrably reduces human cyber risk

Why psychologists and behavioural scientists form a critical part of our platform's development

Why attempting to improve security awareness alone rarely works - and what you should do instead

Why, if you're unable to measure the impact of cyber security awareness training, you shouldn't be doing it at all

Why the majority of our clients use CybSafe not in parallel with other solutions but as their only security awareness platform

How to measure and understand the people-related risk your organisation carries

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