May 02, 2017


Could your business cope without IT?

If we could take away IT so you could run your business how would you feel ?

It’s a simple concept, remove down time, errors, worry about over spend, waste, under investment ,security ,power ,connectivity, incompatibility……the list goes on .

Access one simple platform where all your data and systems are safe and accessible, always available much like power, water and other utilities .
Now we know IT appears to be more complex but do you really care if your staff have Lenovo or HP laptops? What does it matter who makes the router or what brand of server you buy? And yet IT departments exist within enterprise around the world and still occupy themselves with these decisions – is that a good use of their time ? The commercial aspects of selection and negotiation then follow adding mountains of administrative costs and that’s just the beginning! You then have to manage licenses, warranties, and assets often around the globe as most business today serve global markets. Imagine if your electricity supply and appliances that used it carried the same complexity?

Our market is maturing, we recognise that IT is evolving towards becoming a utility, and the access and print devices are already seen as commodities much like white goods. Business are starting to evolve towards a utility based consumption model, this isn’t a a project , it’s a process, even organisations borne in the cloud still get sucked into the world of managing their IT.

We at Viadex are passionate about the evolution, we work with mid sized enterprises who have globally dispersed operations. As a global enterprise with more than 10,000 people there are a number of prominent organisations who you could outsource your entire IT operations to, for organisations with 1200 people and 10 offices /DC’s world wide , there is no single organisation positioned to meet your needs, well not many that we know of anyway, except that is, for Viadex.

We have engaged with a research organisation to establish how globally dispersed organisations currently manage their IT from supply chain consolidation to single pain of glass network management, from SAM to asset tracking and crucially from Capex to Opex budgets. I would be interested to hear from people working within globally dispersed organisations about where they are on their journey and what their biggest challenges are .

As a parting shot to “vendors ” especially hardware vendors , your product is the plumbing, nobody cares so long as it works well every time and when the world is one market place your channel models need to reflect that! Some of the large dodos in this industry seem to think that making international warranty transfers impossible or complex protects their local channel / BU – its hogwash and just one of the reasons why over time their place in the value chain will continue to diminish………they preach that we should add value and yet their channel models fly in the face of the bleeding obvious ! Wake up or become extinct!