Call that a wireless network? Cloud controlled Wi-Fi changes everything


Tommy Kolega, CIO, Viadex: Global IT Infrastructure and Deployment Specialists

Every man, and woman, is an island
In an age when the network must be all things to all men, and women, the complexity that comes along with making it just so can be overwhelming. The expectations of the business become more demanding every day. The next big thing in technology seems to burst on the scene with astounding regularity.

There’s so much to do and, with the dynamic pace of competition in any market place and any industry, seemingly so little time to do it. IT professionals nearly always start their day with mild hyperventilation; and not usually because they’ve jogged into work.

They know they’re going to have to sprint all day long, just to keep up with what users want from the network. They face a day of provisioning, optimising, firmware updates, and redundancy and monitoring issues. I’m sure you know the feeling. Each day promises hypertension; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

While the successful enterprise thrives on collaboration, delivering the tools and capabilities that enable geo-dispersed teams to work in unity, in real-time, despite the distances between them, the ability to work together is deeply rooted in the ability to work alone. Your user base isn’t made up of hundreds, or thousands, of users; it’s made up of one individual facing the working day with a stack of challenges.

Deliver everywhere
To solve each one they’ll need connectivity, accessible apps, bandwidth, and instantaneous interaction with their devices. One person wants all that. The chances are that across the enterprise, each person will want something different; at the same time. You have one set of individual challenges to contend with, multiplied by hundreds and maybe thousands.

Each one is their own unique focus of attention, and they expect to be yours. Their location isn’t a concern to them, they expect that to be yours too. Their easy, second-nature interaction with all things tech, that’s for you to deliver. They just want it when they want it.

So, it’s time for the wireless network to get personal, over and over again; without any pauses to get your breath back. It’s time to roll all those tasks into one and regain control, ensure visibility and know whatever that one individual user wants, you’ll be able to deliver, every time, everywhere; for every single one.

Cloud managed wireless
Before you can deliver you need to see the extent of the issue; right out to the farthest flung boundaries of your estate, the remotest branch, and the moving mobile workforce. This requires an understanding of the bandwidth requirements to keep the business running smoothly. It depends on your ability to make sure connectivity is constant and secure.

The next big thing in technology that makes these tasks simple comes in a small but perfectly formed, neat and unobtrusive appliance. It’s easy to install and remains connected to cloud infrastructure distributed across multiple global datacentres. Welcome to the cloud managed wireless world of Cisco Meraki.

See farther, deeper, clearer
The solution provides a browser-based dashboard so that you can manage all your access points and users globally. You can see where the usage is high and what applications are in demand and security services are built in to continuously scan and protect against threats. The security issue is top of mind in every organisation of every shape and size.

The proliferation of endpoints across the enterprise offers numerous ways into your systems to those who look to penetrate them. Cisco Meraki provides real-time capabilities to detect security threats when they’re still threats, before they become operative. This gives you the space to resolve issues before users are interrupted and business productivity affected.

In addition to rich visibility, proactive wireless network management offers faster deployment, and coverage that serves the demands of each of those individuals and each of those locations across your estate. It’s all controlled from the cloud, which makes it as scalable as you need it to be whenever you need it to be. As a cloud service it obviously reduces TCO.

Location Analytics
Cisco Meraki gives you full visibility of where usage of your Wi-Fi network is the heaviest or weakest so you can improve coverage and availability of the services across your wireless network.


Super-smooth operations
Those recurrent everyday pain-in-the-neck tasks – the provisioning, optimising, firmware updating, redundancy and monitoring jobs – take less time. As simplicity replaces complexity, you get your breath back, you respire properly, and the enterprise functions super-smoothly.

If I’m sounding like a fan, it’s because I am. Like all CIOs, I spend a lot of time evaluating solutions that will support efficiencies, mitigate risk, and be affordable. I look for five-star features and tangible operational benefits but not at a luxury price. At Viadex we believe Cisco Meraki scores top marks on all fronts, which is why we base our simple managed wireless solutions on it.

Is it an exaggeration to say that it changes everything? I believe not. Think about the old way, maybe even your current way, of doing things; boxes everywhere, endless configuration and software updates, security issues, and costs (of the often out of control variety). Think about the complexity. Now look at the top six benefits of Cisco Meraki:

·       Automatic device classification

·       On-device content management

·       Robust security policy enforcement

·       Scalable endpoint configuration

·       Secure support for BYOD initiatives

·       Unified multi-platform device management



If you want to see if a managed wireless arrangement will rock your world just give me a call or drop me a line; always happy to help.


Viadex specialise in infrastructure and network management, offering a range of Managed Services across security, datacentre, and end user workspace. We help organisations take advantage of the business flexibility, agility and fluidity that drives the competitive advantage: from any location, on any device, with access to the data your employees need, in the most secure and user-friendly way possible.

Viadex work with best-in-breed solutions providers to offer customers proven capabilities. Cisco Meraki is one such provider with whom Viadex have a close and collaborative working relationship, giving you best solutions deployed by best people to deliver best outcomes.