Brexit – Viadex has you covered

Brexit – Viadex has you covered

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns consuming all the headlines over the last couple of months, the effective date of Brexit has been quietly creeping closer and there is now under a month to go. Whilst we still do not know the outcome of negotiations around a potential trade deal between the UK and EU, Viadex have been preparing since the beginning of 2020 and we are here to assist you with any questions and or concerns you may have.

Completed actions to mitigate and deal with Brexit:

  • In preparation for Brexit, Viadex setup an entity in the Netherlands named “Viadex BV”
  • This entity has been registered for import, export & VAT
  • Viadex has established bank accounts in all 3 major currencies (GBP, EUR & USD)

What happens next?

Viadex have a team of experts available to work with you through the options that are available. We are working with all clients across EMEA, Americas and Africa and can share our experience of working across the EU as well as other global destinations. Viadex understands Europe, we know the culture the language and possess all the compliance and logistics expertise required. We have forward stocking locations, native speakers and will remain European post Brexit.

Please reach out to me directly to help with any of the above.

Best regards

Darren Peterson – Logistics and Operations Specialist