• Some of the challenges facing businesses operating within the UK around Brexit are only just beginning to be felt. The degree of unpredictability on projects in the planning stage, or about to go live, not to mention the impact of the escalating costs of projects already under way,  is now really impacting expenditure in a big way .
  • These past two weeks Microsoft announced a 22% hike in pricing on UK market pricing based in Sterling, and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and its perceived effects on the long term outlook for the economy has forced other Vendors to follow suit and raise prices. “Effective January 1, 2017, we will be increasing British pound pricing to harmonize prices for enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/EFTA region,” Microsoft announced on Monday 24 October.
  • To keep you up to date with what these changes are and when they will take effect, here is a quick reference table below.
 Manufacturer  Price Increase  Affected Products  Effective Date
 Apple  Various  All products  28th Oct 2016
 Fujitsu  5%  Storage  1st Nov 2016
 Hewlett Packard  Enterprise  6-12%  All products  1st Dec 2016
 Lenovo  10%  All products  1st Dec 2016
 Microsoft  13% – On Premise

22% – Enterprise  Cloud Services

Enterprise software and cloud  services within the EU/ EFTA  region.  1st Jan 2017

In what may seem a cruel blow to UK companies planning on infrastructure upgrades in the near future, Viadex is able to assist those with Multinational entities to align their product and services pricing with a region and or currency that takes advantage of the situation, rather than being a sitting duck. Buy the same product off the USD price list, in an emerging market or through any country of presence and our experience tells us there are savings to be made. The fact is that USD based vendors (most of them are) will always load foreign currency, or volatile currency price lists to protect themselves, pay them in their base currency and straight away you get that money back in savings.

Viadex SPOC service offering ensures that we manage this process for you from start to finish, simplifying it across all your operational entities, wherever they may be around the globe.

If you run a global business, you need a global partner that will offer you the best suited infrastructure and cloud computing services for your business, a one stop shop or SPOC as we call it (Single Point OContact)

Viadex operates and transacts in all major currencies in over 90 countries around the globe, we see the world as one market place, our clients serve their clients around the globe 24/7, we help and support mid market enterprise drive efficiencies across their IT Infrastructure platforms everywhere.

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