Brexit – A new dawn for Britain

Brexit – A new dawn for Britain

Dino Cooper, CEO, Viadex

Following 3 years of Brexit, the day has finally arrived! About time too!

This was not a day for smugness or celebration in victory, it was not a day for resentment and regret or anger at our departure. It was a day to look forward to our collective future, to work together to achieve the best outcome for Britain, Britons and all stakeholders that work with us.

We have so much to offer our trading partners. You can’t remove the value of the IP we as a nation hold merely through a change in political landscapes, regardless of what the media and “expert” opinion holders would have you believe.

As ever there will be compromise, something that is essential in developing good relations at every level.

Our long history as a trading nation, leaders in research across many scientific and tech-disciplines, our legal system (embedded in many parts of the world), our professional services and financial/accounting sector, world leaders across a broad range of services where our reputation and integrity is woven into the fabric of a democratic nation. Education, music, sports, fashion, culture and the arts are all areas where we excel and where again we are recognised as world leaders. There is much to be confident about.

The Coronavirus which started out in Wuhan China demonstrates more than politics just how interconnected the world truly is, and how we all suffer or succeed based on working either against or with one another. A serious global health issue highlights the power of collaboration of nations to contain and eradicate and to care for each other.

It’s this spirit that I believe in, not that peddled by politicians filled with greed and the thirst for power.

Over the coming months, people on both sides of this debate will no doubt attempt to “prove” right and wrong the decision and the action Britain has taken, this is just noise, as it will take time for us to truly find our stride and see real outcomes and results. I have no doubt that for some sectors/industries, the effect will potentially be negative, and the impact to certain industries will be less favourable than the current status quo, this is inevitable as with every decision there are winners and losers.

We need to evolve our economy. Sectors and business who are most affected will not only face threats, but if approached with entrepreneurial spirit, energy and vigour, will uncover and create new opportunities.

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