Pascale Bull


Pascale is responsible for our business systems, operations and project management; consolidating and ensuring financial stability as a platform for our rapid growth and reassurance for our customers that Viadex is here for the long haul. Along with other board members, Pascale was part of the Viadex founding team in 2001.

Pascale’s deep knowledge of international operations, from the legal and compliance perpectives, enables Viadex to present globally cohesive IT solutions to customers wherever their locations may be. She ensures our provision of a comprehensive service which addresses every possible area of detail when working on an international basis.

With an unwavering focus on paving the way for growing our global capabilities, Pascale brings the highest degree of pragmatism and responsibility to every aspect of Viadex operations. She is highly commercially experienced and nurtures a passion for faultless outcomes in all her teams’ actions; providing the highest degree of reassurance to our customers that Viadex offers a safe pair of hands.