Gerhard Malan

Finance Director

Gerhard joined the Viadex board in April 2018. He brings extensive knowledge of operational finance, corporate governance and strategic business modelling to the team and will be a guiding force in the next phase of our global growth. Gerhard is more than a numbers person; he is a creative strategic thinker who brings another dimension to the business.

Gerhard is a registered Chartered Accountant at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. In 2006 he took the role of financial manager with Rectron, a fully owned subsidiary of the JSE listed company Mustek Ltd, one of South Africa’s leading IT Distribution companies.

After only three years he was promoted to Financial Director where he remained until joining the Viadex team. Gerhard was also on the Audit & Risk, Social & Ethics and IT Steering committees of Rectron. He brings balance, insights, and complementary skills in the complex business of the global IT supply chain.