Services that support your global IT projects and suit the needs of your business goals.


With highly accredited engineers and strong vendor partnerships, we have significant pools of resources both in-house and in our associate network, globally.

We have invested heavily in the relevant accreditations and certifications with some of the largest global IT vendors, and now have an extensive, fully trained technical team; covering all aspects of Servers, Storage, Networking, Virtualisation, Cloud and Application management. This team is available to meet and monitor your IT needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We are well positioned to deliver projects ranging from simple implementation services through to complex hardware and application deployment solutions in all key areas of IT. With highly accredited engineers and strong vendor partnerships, Viadex can scope, architect, project-manage and deliver solutions to suit your business objectives




Procurement and Advisory Services:

  • Audit & Assessment Services – examine and evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, helping you to identify and plan for improved IT delivery.
  • IT Consultancy & Solution planning

Supply and Deployment Services:

  • Supply Chain Management and global logistics delivery services
  • Build, test, and dispatch of infrastructure
  • Implementation that minimises operational risk without increasing in-house workload

Environment Support and Professional Services:

  • 24x7x365 pro-active monitoring and IT support services
  • We support client infrastructure across 100s of DCs in 50+ countries around the world.
  • On or off-site services and resources to complement your team

Passion and responsibility is core to our values We deliver outstanding levels of service in every engagement, everywhere.