We work in close partnership with a variety of hardware and technology vendors to ensure delivering a solution that is best for you.

Our cutting edge WiFi Sensors for analytics already have integrated beacons and our WiFi partners offer access points with or without beacons.


Viadex have the right balance of technical expertise and industry knowledge. With a number of challenges and objectives with deployment, our WiFi and Beacon solutions simplify how you source, evaluate, configure and make your technology work for you.

We will help you identify opportunity for social media engagement, geo-fencing personalisation and customer cloud-based analytics. Our solutions can be tailored to function across a variety of venue types and business objectives.


On As expectations for free guest WiFi have become the norm, how can you provide a simple and secure service while achieving more engagement, insight and analytics?


Offer free, friendly and safe WiFi for your customers and real-time marketing analytics for you.

WiFi can become part of a branded omni-channel customer experience that complements your engagement strategy.

As your trusted technology partner, will work with your IT team to integrate solutions that tie in with your existing infrastructure or we are able to advise you on the most appropriate tech if you are in the process of looking to upgrade. All of our guest WiFi solutions work with most existing internet service providers, meaning that you are able to implement WiFi marketing in a very short space of time.

  • Full WiFi Deployment and refreshes
  • Plug and Play Guest WiFi solutions to enhance existing WiFi infrastructure
  • WiFi Analytics
  • Wifi Marketing, including microsites, portals and insight questions
  • Segmentation of Unique visitors tied in to your CRM
  • Social Wifi
  • Global personalisation
  • Secure and legally compliant
  • WiFi Analytics
  • Wifi Marketing, including microsites, portals and insight questions
  • Segmentation of Unique visitors tied in to your CRM
  • Social Wifi
  • Global personalisation
  • Secure and legally compliant
  • Full and managed service for clients who do not wish to deploy the technology themselves or an aligned technical lead to assist you with scoping and deployment.


Put simply, a beacon is any device that transmits a signal which allows another device to determine its proximity to the broadcaster. They are small BLE transmitters with signals that can be detected by a user’s smart phone or device.

In a retail environment, a beacon lets a customer’s app determine that it’s close to the perfumery counter. Beacons directly influence sales and engagement by using specific messages within a virtual perimeter.

The beacon doesn’t transmit content or monitor devices in its proximity, it simply transmits a signal that lets a user’s phone or device figure out what its proximity is to the beacon. The content (a digital coupon, an attractive offer for example) is delivered separately to the user’s app based on their proximity or App preferences (customers have to opt in to receive content via the phone when in proximity to a beacon). This enables your customers to receive relevant content in the right physical space, at the right time.

Trigger a message to an opt-in customer and better support your engagement strategy. Welcome your visitors, share information and inform them of special offers.

  • Fully integrated deployment and a flexible management platform
  • Defined Beacon requirements analysis, proof of concept and evaluation
  • Proximity marketing campaigns are aligned with existing applications and infrastructure
  • Analysis and monitoring of how your digital technology is enhancing the customer journey


  • We are able to offer our clients beacons imbedded in a WiFi Sensor or straight forward beacons that can be placed in a location of your choice.
  • We predominantly work with USB beacons eradicating the worry of battery life and also tying in your beacon fleet to a universal cloud dashboard.
  • Our analytics partners are also able to work with most beacons, so if you already have beacons deployed we can work with you to incorporate these into our solutions.
  • Our technical resource means that we are able to deliver fully configured beacons and floor location maps tied in to an easy to use Dashboard.
  • We can fully deploy the beacons throughout your estate if you are unable to deploy yourself.
  • Tie in with your loyalty App with our SDK



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