About Viadex

Global Virtual Infrastructure and Deployment Experts

About Viadex

Global Virtual Infrastructure and Deployment Experts

About Viadex

  • Focused on your business goals
  • Global expertise
  • Vendor agnostic
  • A growing CRN Top 100 VAR

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Viadex enable companies to simplify IT infrastructure solutions deployed both locally and globally. Our solutions save our clients time, hassle and money. We have the technical and strategic ability to design, source, configure, deploy and support your technology solutions around the globe.

We partner with leading technology vendors and develop bespoke IT solutions that give clients a competitive advantage. Our global logistics and deployment expertise means we become an extension of your business and take care of the logistical headaches.

Our Vision
To be the leader in innovative solutions, flattening the supply chain and consolidating the procurement process for our clients around the globe, delivering outstanding levels of service and excellence in every engagement, everywhere.

Our Mission
Our mission is to grow our company so that we create a dynamic and motivated global team who deliver outstanding service to our customers and partners.



Our Story

Privately held with revenues exceeding £30million

100% Organic growth

Key director teams have a combined experience of 100+ years in IT solutions.

Headquartered in London with global offices in:
Cape Town

Top tier partnerships with the leading server, storage and networking vendors.


Who we are




Viadex serves clients of all types and sizes around the world, catering to their bespoke IT requirements with specialist skills in specific verticals including gaming, research, financial and professional services, SaaS and manufacturing.

What our customers are saying about us

"I’m enabled to focus on delivering the business solution knowing that I can rely on Viadex to represent our best interests in commercial and technical discussions. It is a true partner relationship"

Head of IT, Microgaming

Based in the Isle of Man, the world’s foremost gaming software developers. . They have created more than 800 unique casino games.

"We needed a partner who could understand our complex IT Solution business that needed technical consultancy backed up by smart pricing and rapid delivery, after all we are in the DR and availability business, so we only have one partner and we’ve had them for over 12 years, Viadex"

Product Development Manager, Sungard AS

Sungard Availability Services helps customers improve the resiliency of their mission critical systems by designing, implementing and managing cost-effective solutions using people, process and technology to address enterprise IT availability needs.

Our IT Solutions

By listening, and understanding your technology and commercial needs, Viadex scopes, plans, deploys and supports the perfect mix of IT physical infrastructure with the smartest server, storage, networking and virtualisation solutions for your global organisation.

And with the Viadex Integration Centre we provide configuration and testing helping you to follow best practices and achieve faster ROI.

Integration Centre

  • Configuration of hardware and software including firmware updates
  • Rack integration to reduce and eliminate implementation challenges
  • Cabling and labelling, ensuring no missing parts and cables
  • Registration of licenses, support contracts and remote management interfaces
  • Handover documentation, including rack location, cable numbers, mac addresses, serial numbers and support details
  • Bespoke testing of all IT technologies implemented

Our Services

Data Management

Application Delivery

User Management

Environmental Support

Infrastructure Deployment

IT Procurement & Logistics Service


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How can we help you?

The quality of our services is backed by vendors, distributors and clients who are global leaders in their industry. Browse our site or contact us for more information.

Featured Case Studies

Case Study


The world’s largest gaming software provider required a data centre refresh in a very short space of time, due to legislation change.

Case Study


One of Viadex’ technology partners needed help to recover of one of its own clients’ sites after a nearby explosion. Viadex stepped in to provide an emergency response team and replacement hardware within a 48 hour window, ensuring the end users were quickly up and running with minimal impact to their business.

Case Study


A HP blade server solution provides the raw computing power a major research organisation needs to deliver high quality services to the scientific community.

Case Study


A leading independent school wanted help with storage and server capacity issues and Viadex offered a free audit. The audit diagnosed underlying and unexpected problems leading Viadex to design and implement a new virtualized environment, delivering significant savings in both the short and long term for the school.

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We value our clients confidentiality, and with established relationships spanning over 14 years would be happy to share relevant information and even host reference calls between existing clients and prospects. Please help us provide you with the relevant information by completing the form below.

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Client Testimonials

One of the worlds leading online gaming software providers has been a very happy client since 2002:

  • Why have you chosen to work with Viadex?

    Initially it was simply a matter of supply needs; it was convenient. Over the years the relationship has shifted from one-off purchase and supply, to a mutually beneficial partnership. I continue to invest in the relationship with Viadex because it offers a lot of advantages to me as Head of IT for a global business. These advantages include but are not limited to having an advocate working for us in discussions with vendors, having someone to make contact with vendors and either arrange proof of concept engagements or provide some background and advise relating to the vendor.

  • What are the primary benefits and/or results Viadex brings to your organisation?

    Viadex understands our business, Viadex recognises that we are a global business requiring supply to many locations, invoicing to varied entitles and that we exist in a market where there are real advantages in terms of getting to market quickly and as a result we have high expectations when it comes to logistics turnaround times.

    The Viadex account team takes time to visit our IT team and understand our project roadmap which enables them to align to our needs, as well as to offer potential solutions to address on-going challenges. Viadex recognizes the high level of technical skill in our organisation and helps us connect with the appropriate calibre of representatives from various vendors.

    Viadex assists with managing our support relationships with vendors, and taking the above into account they also help us bypass the lower levels of support and obtain quality support levels.

    Viadex advises us of how best to handle vendors, how to maximise value in our engagements and how to achieve the best return on our investments by considering alternative vendors, taking note of the timing of our purchases and optimally structuring our investment.

  • What is the process of working with Viadex like?

    Viadex has a friendly, open engagement with us. Viadex invests in face time with multiple touch-points to provide a service across the IT spectrum. The relationship is professionally owned by an account executive who is assisted by a technical team and a procurement team. The friendly and generally informal engagements suit my style; however Viadex has a professional and formal image for the times when it is appropriate. Viadex strives to respond to mails with minimal delay and is always available to take a call.

  • Why would you recommend Viadex?

    As Head of IT I appreciate not having to sweat over the details of procurement and vendor management. I am enabled to focus on delivering the business solution knowing that I can rely on Viadex to represent our best interests in commercial discussions. Viadex presents their proposed solution for review after doing the legwork. I enjoy working with the Viadex team, I have learnt a lot from them and I believe they have learnt from us too. It is a true partner relationship.